The crocuses in Julia’s garden may be long gone, but she’s still celebrating crocuses (and springtime in general!) in her March 2022 Dynamic Duos™ stencil release. Called Vintage Bulbs, it features a progression of emerging crocus bulbs and two showy butterflies, all set against a background that looks like weathered gardening notes. Julia’s idea was to make cookies that resemble antique botanical prints, though the various elements in these sets can always be mixed and matched with her other designs. Julia also designed the Theron Plaque (named after her generous bulb-tending dad) to go with this release. The cookies to the far right and left in this photo were made with this cutter. To learn more or to purchase these sets, visit Julia’s stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site, or check out the “RELATED PRODUCTS” links.