Tutorials: Guest Series

After nine years and 50 cookie decorating challenges on her community-site Cookie Connection, Julia reincarnated the challenges in 2022, bringing them into the digital era via her bimonthly Watch-Learn-Create Challenges. Each challenge now kicks off with an instructional video, listed below, taught by one of the world’s best cookie artists handpicked by Julia and challenge host Manu Pezzopane. Though each of these tutorials was created to launch a challenge, the lessons contained in them are invaluable and can be applied at any time to almost any cookie project. Recorded live, these tutorials typically focus on a single decorating technique for which the guest is best known. While a challenge is active, the tutorial is offered for a nominal fee to encourage challenge participation. Once a challenge has closed, the tutorial price reverts to market average – still an unprecedented deal for a master class taught by one of the best!


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