Shaping and Covering 3-D Cookies with Julia – Part 2


Coming in at just over one hour and 30 minutes, this video tutorial is the second part of Julia’s two-part kickoff video for Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #51 on Cookie Connection. In this continuation, Julia covers eight methods for covering 3-D cookies, ranging from painting and stenciling to dipping and embossing. The discussion of 3-D cookie-shaping techniques and two other methods for covering 3-D cookies are covered in Part 1 of this tutorial, found in the “MORE LIKE THIS” section below.

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll automatically receive a receipt with a link to a downloadable handout, including links to Julia’s gingerbread recipe, supplies, and supplemental (free) instructional videos. Then, simply return to this page to view the tutorial as often and for as long as you like. The sneak peek video above will disappear and be replaced with the full-length video. Just remember to log into your account in order to view.

Note: Though this challenge initially ran in 2022, the techniques taught in the video can be applied to 3-D cookies – and even sometimes to 2-D cookies – at any time. They are indeed nearly universally applicable. To see the cookies that challenge entrants made with these techniques, check out the Challenge #51 recap post on Cookie Connection for inspiration. And, if you have any questions about the tutorial, Julia can be reached at


Skill Level: All, as Julia explains every aspect of covering 3-D cookies in great detail

Video Format: Recording of live demo by Julia; unedited

Video Length: 1:30:21

What You’ll Learn (~8 Techniques for Covering 3-D Cookies):

  • Stenciling with frosting sheets
  • Painting
  • Wrapping with edible mediums (i.e., cake lace, fondant, and modeling chocolate)
  • Spackling and stippling
  • Crumb-coating
  • Embossing
  • Dipping
  • Piping

What You’ll Receive:

  • Forever-access to video recording on this site
  • Handout with resource list including:
    • link to Julia’s gingerbread recipe formulated for 3-D baking
    • supply list with online sources
    • links to supplemental instructional videos on Julia’s YouTube channel
  • Access to Julia via email or Superpeer for tutorial Q&A (at any time, though please allow 48 hours for a response)

Video Outline (Time Stamp):

  • Quick recap of 3-D cookie-covering methods covered in Part 1 (0:00 – 0:47)
  • Stenciling with frosting sheets (0:48 – 13:53)
  • Painting, with a focus on comparing different brands/types of food coloring (13:54 – 22:57)
  • Wrapping with edible mediums, with a focus on SugarVeil® lace and punched frosting sheet trims (22:58 – 35:09)
  • Spackling and stippling (35:10 – 39:27)
  • Crumb-coating (39:28 – 47:05)
  • Embossing (47:06 – 57:50)
  • Dipping, with a focus on hemispheres (57:51 – 1:09:23)
  • Quick piping overview, along with discussions of (1) how to combine covering techniques to create layered designs and (2) when to pipe directly on 3-D cookies versus apply royal icing transfers (1:09:24 – 1:18:11; demo ends)
  • Discussion of Challenge #51 rules and prizes, plus closing remarks (1:18:12 – 1:30:21; you may want to skip this part since the challenge is now closed)

Purchase Agreement: Julia M. Usher and Julia M. Usher, LLC are the sole copyright owners of this video tutorial and handout. Reproduction, distribution, resale, and/or any other use for financial gain of this video or handout, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited. However, as the purpose of Julia’s tutorials is to teach, any knowledge gleaned from this video and handout can be used to make cookies or other products for either personal use or sale. In purchasing this tutorial, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms of use.

Julia’s Return Policy: Due to the online nature of this tutorial, all sales are final.

Video Production: Julia and host Manu Pezzopane, via ECamm Live. Again, this class is a recording of a live online demo, so production value will vary throughout the video depending on internet conditions at the time. It is also unedited, complete with Julia’s “um”s and bloopers.

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Class Recording, Guest Series

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


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