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Here’s where you’ll find all of Julia’s upcoming and ongoing classes and events, listed from soonest to most distant in time, and easily filtered by type (studio class, virtual class, appearance, etc.) under the “CLASSES &  EVENTS” menu. Prefer an at-a-glance calendar view? Check out the “Calendar” option also under the same menu.

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I’m constantly adding new events, tutorials, and other goodies to this site. If you want to get first dibs on my special sales, product releases, or early bird class savings, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. 

Schedule willing, I release a newsletter each month, roughly mid-month. In September, I’ll have sales running on two events (The Bake Fest and Cookie-A-Thon) as well as two stencil sales – one featuring Halloween items, and the other taking us further into fall. I look forward to connecting with you more personally!

Live sweetly, Julia