Overview: In 2021, Julia partnered with the world-renowned Japan Salonaise Association, aka JSA, to bring her signature 3-D cookie techniques and recipes to Asia. This beginner to intermediate course is part four in a five-part series of courses conducted both in person at JSA’s Japan headquarters and online for students in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Thailand. This class is conducted solely in the Japanese language and is only available to students in the markets just indicated. Again, it is not taught by Julia, but the course content was developed by JSA instructors under Julia’s close supervision and comes with Julia’s highest endorsement. Disclosure: Julia earns a small royalty fee on purchases of this course and all other JULIA-endorsed JSA classes bought through the JSA site.

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate, though even those with advanced skills will take away valuable lessons from this course.

Prerequisites: Experience with royal icing is recommended, as is participation in the first course (3-D Jewelry Box Cookie), second course (3-D Hot Air Balloon Cookie), and third course (3-D Pocket Watch Cookie) in this JSA series. However, this particular course consists of three lessons that progress from beginner to intermediate, so cookie decorators of all skill levels can happily participate even if they haven’t taken the other courses in the series.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Contoured cookies (hemispheres)
  • Embossed and contoured cookies
  • Franken-cookies (cookies altered with reductive or additive methods)
  • Molded cookies
  • Royal icing transfers (including blueberries and small pastries)
  • Embroidery-style piping
  • 3-D sandwiched and stacked assembly, and more!

To Register: Simply click on the “LEARN MORE” button to be taken to this course listing on the JSA site. Classes are available with differing frequencies at various locations from March 2022 through April 2027. Please consult JSA’s class booking page for class schedule details, and please contact JSA with any questions regarding course content, pricing, or scheduling.

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