I’m Julia M. Usher, aka Julia, Julie, or even Cookie Queen, depending on where and when we first met. But no matter how you know me or what you call me, one thing is certain: I love meeting people who share my passion for creating!

While I spend most of my time these days making edible cookie art, I wear many hats in the sugar arts space, including instructor, digital content creator, product designer, competition host and judge, and business coach. When I’m not traveling the globe teaching cookie decorating, you can usually find me in my basement test kitchen, airbrushing cookies for my next stencil release or tinkering with new decorating techniques to work into my next cookie project or video.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about my site and what it can do for you. I’ve compiled a bunch of resources under this one elegant url to help you hone your decorating skills and become the sugar artist you’ve always wanted to be! Here, you can explore years of my cookie and decorating projects in the gallery; find my upcoming courses under “CLASSES & EVENTS”; purchase my favorite tools in the shop or my instructional videos under “TUTORIALS”; and even read my recipes and other news in the blog. Please take whatever inspiration and knowledge you can from this site. And, if you find something missing or have a question, never hesitate to reach out. I meant what I said, truly: one of my greatest joys in life is connecting with other creators and learning about their own sweet journeys.

‘Til we meet again, either in person or online . . .

Live sweetly,


Julia is an inimitable creative force in the sugar arts community, recognized across the world for her pioneering work in 3-D cookies, groundbreaking baking and decorating techniques, and one-of-a-kind edible art that always leaves people asking, “How is that a cookie?!”


When not making magic with her sweets, Julia moonlights in product and curriculum development. In addition to two books, 13 e-books, an app, and branded stencil and cookie cutter lines to her name, Julia has a licensed 3-D cookie course available throughout Asia.


Whether in person, on her YouTube channel, or live on Zoom, Julia can routinely be found teaching sugar art across the globe. Lauded for her depth of expertise, clarity of instruction, and leaving no question unanswered, Julia will take your decorating to new heights!


Nothing gives Julia greater joy than turning others onto the love of sweets. Be it through sharing on her online community Cookie Connection, one-on-one video coaching on Superpeer, or challenging you in her annual Cookie Art Competition™, Julia is eager to help you learn and grow.


Happy Fall, Y’all!


American Cake Awards
Hero Award Finalist
Food Network
Documentary Host and Featured Cookie Artist
Cake Masters Magazine
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International Artist of the Year
Medal of Honor
Cake Masters Awards
Cookie Artist of the Year


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Schedule willing, I release a newsletter each month, roughly mid-month. In September, I’ll have sales running on two events (The Bake Fest and Cookie-A-Thon) as well as two stencil sales – one featuring Halloween items, and the other taking us further into fall. I look forward to connecting with you more personally!

Live sweetly, Julia