Sugar art means so much more than honing techniques and mastering ingredients. In Julia’s view, it’s all about people. The people who channel their hearts and souls into every piece they create. The people for whom these works of art are so lovingly handcrafted. The people whose eyes light up with awe and delight when they catch the first glimpse of an edible masterpiece. And the people who give of themselves so generously to help the next generation of sugar artists realize its dreams.

Julia believes wholeheartedly in forging lasting relationships with fellow creators and building a strong, generous, and supportive sugar arts community. She hopes you’ll consider taking advantage of the connections possible on her site Cookie Connection and in her private Facebook group, which you can learn more about and join below.

Cookie Connection

A place to learn, share, and celebrate the art of cookie decorating, Julia’s site Cookie Connection has grown since its founding in 2013 into the world’s largest community-based site dedicated solely to the pursuit of cookie art. With everything from tutorials and challenges to interviews, articles, and forums, it’s a treasure trove of information for decorators of all skill levels – plus, a wonderful place to meet cookiers from across the globe. Below, you’ll see highlights of the site’s most popular features, but there’s plenty more to enjoy once you become a member. And the icing on the cookie . . . it’s free to join!



Site contributor Samantha Yacovetta, aka Aproned Artist, routinely charms us in her monthly cookie tutorials with her unparalleled attention to detail.



In this monthly blog series, site contributor Manu Pezzopane delights with her often simple, but always ingenious cookie platters, 3-D displays, and more.



Hone your skills, stretch your creativity, and have fun in our bimonthly challenges. Pictured above is one of the featured entries in a past brush embroidery challenge.


Top 10 cookies

 Share your best cookies! If they gather enough likes and comments, you’ll land on our weekly top 10 list, just like Masumi Oka. No prizes; but plenty of adoration from fellow members!



If you’re the geeky sort, you’ll love this blog series by Liesbet Schietecatte that delves into the science of baking and decorating through controlled kitchen experiments.



There’s so much to be learned from each and every Cookie Connection member. In this blog series, Julia gets up close and personal with some of the community’s fan favorites through in-depth Q&As.

Facebook Group

Cookiers are swarming to Julia’s private Facebook group like a kaleidoscope of butterflies! Recognized as a place to see incredible cookie art and to meet ultra-talented cookiers from around the world, it has grown by leaps and bounds in recent months. Though less structured than Cookie Connection and without the same depth of content, Julia’s group is no less active. Thousands of cookiers visit it each day to gawk at the cookie art, grab spur-of-the-moment tips from members, and share their latest cookie creations. Julia frequently pops in to announce her events and special offerings, lend advice, and reveal her own projects. It’s the place for cookiers to see and be seen on Facebook!

Follow Julia

Of course, Julia can frequently be found lurking on Cookie Connection and in her Facebook group, but she’s pretty much all over the Internet! She’d love to connect with you in all of these places, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Live sweetly, Julia