After two years of in-person class cancellations and no new bookings due to COVID, I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to be traveling to teach again. It seems that the world is finally returning to normal, and so too is my international class schedule. Having taught three hands-on classes at the International Cake Show Australia in mid-May (2022), I feel like I’m fully back in the groove of schlepping heavy tool suitcases across the world 🙂 and prepping students’ cookies (in my COVID-era Zoom classes, my students prepped all of their own cookies and icing). And, so, I await with bated breath two previously announced demos at Cake International in November (read about them here and here), and now THIS – a wonderful course of dimensional floral cookies hosted by the talented and gracious Luciana Gonzales in São Paulo, Brazil in April 2023.

I have been to São Paulo a number of times, and it’s one of my all-time favorite places to teach. The people are so hospitable, and the city is vibrant and full of energy – and possibly the most diverse and superb cuisine I’ve ever tasted. My very first international cookie show (the first international cookie show of its kind, in fact) was in São Paulo back in August 2014, and, then in 2015, I filmed a nine-hour 3-D cookie course for eduK, also in São Paulo, that was later streamed in three languages. But back to the present . . .

My 2023 host Luciana is a well-known sugar flower artist, whose impressive work can be found all over her site. Given Luciana’s own sugar arts-interests, it should probably come as no surprise that she wanted me to teach many of my recent floral cookies featuring my signature contoured royal icing transfers and piecework assembly techniques. So, over two two-day courses, my students will make royal icing dogwood, snowdrops, clematis, and poppies – my personal sweethearts in my floral series. But that’s not all, to ensure that every student gets exposure to a wide range of cookie decorating techniques, I’ll be supplementing each course with another interesting and technique-rich cookie. In the first course, that cookie will be a double-decker stenciled heart lavishly garnished with piped royal icing roses and modeling chocolate bows and ribbons. And in the second course, that cookie will be one that gets its intricate detail from a combination of mediums and techniques, including embossed royal icing, rubber-stamping, airbrushing, stenciling, and wafer paper.

For a quick preview of the floral cookies in each class, see the posters below. For all of the course info, including project photos and comprehensive lists of the techniques I plan to teach, visit the “CLASSES & EVENTS” section of this site, or click on the links directly under each poster.

Read more about my first class.

And, read more about my second class!

I really hope to see some of my Brazilian and neighboring South American friends in these classes! Questions about the content that I’ll be covering can be directed to me, but, if you have queries about pricing, the venue, or other logistics, they are best directed to my lovely host Luciana Gonzales.