You may have caught this awesome news already in my September stencil release post, but, if not, let me break it to you first, here and now! Yes, I have officially launched the beginning of what I hope will be a wonderful and longstanding cookie cutter line! Each month, I will be releasing a cookie cutter designed to work with my Dynamic Duos™ stencil release of that same month.

This month, it’s the Denver Plaque (pictured immediately below), sized perfectly to make the Thanksgiving place cards central to my September release. You can find this cutter in my shop and also on my partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site.

The ends and center of the cutter are purposely flared to accommodate the many cute foreground elements in that release’s background set – either smack dab in the center of the cookie or before or after messages, as shown in the graphical rendering and other cookie photos below.

I’m also launching with a fan favorite that many of you have been clamoring for ever since it first appeared in my cookie posts back in 2019. It is called the Genie Plaque (pictured below) and is named after my friend Ginny Levack and her business, Genie Products by Creative Cookier, as she had the brilliant idea to use this shape for a cookie I taught on one of her famous cookie cruises. (Those cookies are pictured just below the cutter; the lotus flowers were my take on Manu Pezzopane’s water lilies made for a tutorial on my site Cookie Connection.)

As with the Genie Plaque, each of my cutters will come with a story and will be named after a special someone who has shaped my cookie journey in a meaningful way. The full story on the Denver Plaque, which you’ll see under its product listing in my shop and on Confection Couture Stencils’ site, goes something like this:

“Since Usher family Thanksgiving dinners were always the tour de force of either Julia’s mom or her Gramma Denver, this plaque cutter – perfectly sized for holiday place cards – pays tribute to these women and their love of bringing family together, especially around the table. While this plaque was designed to work with Julia’s Thanksgiving Place Card Dynamic Duos™ design, it has plenty of non-place card uses as well!”

My cutters are co-designed with and produced by my stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils, and, together, we’ve worked hard to make them as durable as possible while still having an ultra-crisp cutting edge. They use cutter technology very similar to that in Confection Couture Stencil’s own DuraCut cutter line, which you can learn more about in the video below. Last but not least, my cutters are super snazzy in my signature teal blue! 😉

Admittedly, two cutters does not yet constitute a cutter “line”, but several more are already in the works to go with future stencil releases. Moreover, I am beyond excited to share glimpses into my cookie journey and those special people who shaped it as I share each monthly cutter with you!