Dimensional Poppy Cookie Tutorial


This 40-minute, never-before-released YouTube tutorial is now available exclusively on Julia’s site. In it, she demonstrates how to make stunningly realistic dimensional poppy cookies using contoured royal icing transfers, each of which is individually airbrushed and then pieced together into a floral masterpiece. While this innovative project might look challenging, it is actually quite straightforward once Julia breaks it down in her typically detailed and methodical way. In addition to learning how to contour (or shape) royal icing to make it more lifelike, you’ll gather valuable lessons about several other techniques that can be applied to cookies of almost any design.

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll automatically receive a receipt with a link to a downloadable handout, including two recipes, sources, and extensive technique tips. Then, simply return to this page to view the tutorial as often and for as long as you like. The sneak peek video above will disappear and be replaced with the full-length video. Just remember to log into your account in order to view.


Skill Level: All, though particularly suited to those with some royal icing-piping experience

Video Format: Professionally filmed and edited in studio setting

Video Length: 39:05

What You’ll Learn (8 Techniques):

  • Contoured and standard royal icing transfers, along with pros and cons of different substrates (parchment paper vs. acetate) for making royal icing transfers
  • Modeling with royal icing putty (a term and technique pioneered by Julia)
  • Precision-piping and perfect peak-free dot work
  • Airbrushing, primarily for shading and lending depth and dimension (Julia covers precision-control airbrushing in other classes and tutorials)
  • Rubber-stamping on cookies
  • Rubber-stamping on wafer paper
  • Airbrushing and stenciling on wafer paper
  • Piecework assembly

What You’ll Receive:

  • Forever-access to video recording on this site
  • Detailed 26-page tutorial handout including:
    • recipes for gingerbread and royal icing (with consistency adjustments for line work aka outlining, dot work, putty, gluing, and more)
    • cookie and royal icing transfer quantities and dimensions
    • supply list with online sources
    • extensive technique tips
    • poppy bud and leaf templates
    • inspiration images
  • Access to Julia via email or Superpeer for tutorial Q&A (at any time, though please allow 48 hours for a response)

Video Outline (Time Stamp):

  • Introduction (0:00 – 3:45)
  • Cookie and tool overview (3:45 – 8:47)
  • Piping and modeling contoured royal icing poppy parts, aka transfers (8:47 – 20:02)
  • Airbrushing poppy parts (20:02 – 23:12)
  • Stamping and airbrushing cookie background (23:12 – 26:16)
  • Stenciling and stamping wafer paper messages (26:16 – 29:14)
  • Assembling dimensional poppy flower (29:14 – 32:07)
  • Assembling entire poppy plant on cookie (32:07 – 37:26)
  • Closing remarks (37:26 – 39:05)

Purchase Agreement: Julia M. Usher and Julia M. Usher, LLC are the sole copyright owners of this video tutorial and handout. Reproduction, distribution, resale, and/or any other use for financial gain of this video or handout, in whole or in part, are strictly prohibited. However, as the purpose of Julia’s tutorials is to teach, any knowledge gleaned from this video and handout can be used to make cookies or other products for either personal use or sale. In purchasing this tutorial, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms of use.

Julia’s Return Policy: Due to the online nature of this tutorial, all sales are final.

Video Production: Two 5:7 North, October 2020

Music: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod via Creative Commons license

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Video Tutorial

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


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