Yes, more Halloween treats for you! You may recall that I released my Graveyard Fence kit (part of my Kitchen Club Collection) a few weeks ago. That kit has all of the cutters and a stencil needed to make the very fun cookie-and-royal icing fence that I recently shared on this site and on social media in various edible graveyard scenes. Here’s one such scene:

You may also remember that I didn’t have a video to go with the kit at that time! (Boo! . . . as in bad, not what a ghost says! LOL!) But guess what?! Now I do, and the sneak peek of that video is exactly what you see below:

Though this project might look intimidating, it involves little more than outlining, flooding, and stenciling – and some careful handling – so it’s actually a great project for (careful 😁) beginners. Plus, I explain every detail in the video and its companion handout, so I’m effectively there with you, backing you up at every step.

Where to Find the Video and Kit
Dying to see the video and grab the tools? (How’s that for another Halloween pun?) 🙂 Below you’ll find various options for getting these goodies:

Any which way you go, I hope you enjoy this last Halloween treat from me – for this year, that is!

Please note that my partner Confection Couture Stencils handles all order fulfillment for my stencils, cutters, and kits, so all such questions should be directed to them at