It’s so exciting for me to see this new series of 3-D cookie courses from Japan Salonaise Association (aka JSA) unfold! As you may remember from one of my recent posts, I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure to be collaborating with JSA since May 2021. (From hereafter, I’m referring to this special collab as JSA x JULIA!) JSA trains decorators in Japan and other Asian countries in all forms of sugar craft, so that they in turn might teach others or start successful bakery businesses of their own.

As part of JSA x JULIA, I taught some of JSA’s most talented trainers nearly all I know about 3-D cookies. Those trainers have since gone on to develop a five-part 3-D cookie course for JSA based on my recipes and techniques but showcasing brand new projects of their own design. Back in December, they launched parts one and two of this series (a jewelry box and a hot air balloon), and today they launch part three: this most exquisite 3-D pocket watch cookie!

Again, these online and in-person classes are taught only in Japanese (right now) and only in certain Asian markets by JSA-certified trainers (not me) – but they come with my wholehearted endorsement! Please check out this pocket watch class (and the first two classes in this series) if you speak Japanese, or forward this info to your friends in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand! TIA!

Stay tuned for parts four and five in the JSA x JULIA collab coming later this spring!


NEW 3-D Pocket Watch Cookie (Part Three):
3-D Hot Air Balloon Cookie (Part Two):
3-D Jewelry Box Cookie (Part One):
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