[NOTE: This announcement is translated into Japanese below.]
〔 注:この告知の日本語訳は下にあります。〕

Hi, everyone! As you may know, I’ve been working rather covertly this past year on a special project. I’ve been dying to talk about it but was sworn to secrecy until it was finished!  Well, today I can finally spill the beans, and I am so excited to share my news with you – particularly with my Japanese-speaking friends. Since May 2021, I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure to collaborate with JSA – short for Japan Salonaise Association. JSA is a highly regarded organization, known across the globe, that trains decorators in Japan and other Asian countries in all forms of sugar craft, so that they, in turn, might teach others and/or start successful bakery businesses of their own.

As part of this collaboration, I taught some of JSA’s most talented trainers nearly all I know about 3-D cookies. In a multi-week Zoom course that covered three projects, including some brand-new designs of mine like the cacti container garden and bud vases (below), I showed these trainers everything from how to formulate dough for 3-D cookie-baking to how to emboss, contour, and model dough and then assemble these unusual forms into multi-level designs.

The Zoom classes were fun yet intense for me, as they ran until 11 pm or midnight each night to accommodate the time difference between the US and Japan. I certainly couldn’t have handled the many of hours of late night-training without the help of my able assistant Beth Anderson and the incredible translation done by Satomi Ueda (both pictured upper left, below). So huge thanks to them!

I am also so proud of and impressed with my students’ interpretations of my projects done in this training course, some of which you will see below.

Under my guidance, these JSA trainers have since gone on to develop an exciting set of 3-D cookie classes that draws on my recipes and signature techniques, and which will be available both online and in-person to students in Japan and other Asian countries as of today! The projects they’ve developed (two of which are shown further below) are absolutely top-notch and run the gamut from beginner to advanced. Plus, they contain curved cookies; textured cookies; stacked cookies; multi-level constructions; cookie cylinders, domes, and other interesting shapes . . . you name it! There is something for everyone in this course – and no shortage of new learning experiences!

This collaboration has been great for me too. First, it got me organized! It forced me to codify all of my 3-D cookie recipes and techniques, that I had previously done rather intuitively, into a format that could easily be taught and passed on to others. It’s also been the ideal way to spread my passion for 3-D cookies to other parts of the world, particularly at a time when it’s been difficult for all of us to travel and connect in person.

For you, those who take these classes, I believe they will open your mind to new design possibilities; inspire you to create magical, never-before-seen cookies; and grow your skills and businesses tremendously. Just the thought of this makes me really happy! I want to thank JSA for approaching me with this wonderful opportunity that has the potential to benefit so many. And I want to encourage those of you who speak Japanese to explore the first two beginner/intermediate courses that JSA has launched.* One is a stunning jewelry box complete with mini jewelry, and another is an adorable teddy bear in a hot air balloon (pictures and class links below)! JSA will be launching more intermediate and advanced classes in January, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy all that’s here!

Jewelry Box Class (Beginner): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/21704/

Teddy Bear in Hot Air Balloon Class (Beginner/Intermediate): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/21678/

*NOTE: Classes will be delivered in-person at JSA locations in Japan and online in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Initially, all classes will be delivered in the Japanese language.

Japanese Translation

わくわくする講座のお知らせ – 特に日本語を話す皆さんのために!

皆さん、こんにちは!ご存知かもしれませんが、私はこの一年間、ある特別なプロジェクトに密かに取り組んできました。ずっとお話したかったのですが、完成するまでは秘密にしていました。ようやくこのニュースを皆さんと、特に日本語を話す皆さんと共有できることをとても嬉しく思っています。2021年5月から、JSA(日本サロネーゼ協会- Japan Salonaise Associationの略)とコラボレーションする光栄な機会を得ました。JSAは世界的にも評価の高い組織で、日本をはじめとするアジア諸国であらゆる形態のシュガークラフトを指導しています。生徒の中には自ら講師となり教えたり、自身のベーカリービジネスを成功させる方もいます。






この講座を受講される方は、新しいデザインの可能性に心を開かれ、これまでに見たことのない、魔法のようなクッキーを作るインスピレーションを得て、ご自身のスキルやビジネスを大きく成長させることができると信じています。想像するだけで、本当に嬉しいです。多くの人に恩恵をもたらす可能性のある、この素晴らしい機会を提供してくれたJSAに感謝します。そして、日本語を話す皆さんには、JSAが公開した最初の2つの初級・中級講座をぜひ試していただきたいと思います。※ 一つは見事なジュエリーボックスとミニ・ジュエリー、もう一つは気球に乗った愛らしいテディベアです(写真と講座のリンクは以下の通りです)。JSAでは、1月からさらに中級・上級講座をリリースする予定ですので、ご期待ください。それまでは、ここにあるすべてのものをお楽しみください。