Yes, please promise yourself that you’ll make some of Julia’s 3-D heart boxes in her Kitchen Club Collection. You won’t regret the decision! The box walls are simple stacks of 2-D heart cookies, which means these projects are a lot easier to put together than they might look. The modest time investment will be well worth it once you see the looks of amazement on people’s faces. Pictured here is a 5-inch box made with Julia’s Parisian Rose Heart Box kit. It relies heavily on the quatrefoil stencil in that kit, but as you’ll see elsewhere in this gallery, so many designs are possible with the exact same tools. In fact, the mini boxes shown here pair many of the same stencils with smaller cutters in Julia’s Classic Heart cutter set. To learn more about Julia’s Kitchen Club or to purchase any of these kits or their components, visit Julia’s stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site, or check out the “RELATED PRODUCTS” links.