In 2021, Julia had the distinct pleasure of launching a collaboration with the world-renowned Japan Salonaise Association (JSA), an organization that trains sugar artists in Japan and other Asian markets to become teachers or to start other sweets businesses. In a seven-week online training course, Julia taught JSA instructors nearly all she knew about 3-D cookies. They’ve since gone on to develop a Julia-licensed series of 3-D cookie courses that is now offered in the Japanese language in several Asian countries. Julia is thrilled to be spreading her love of 3-D cookies across the globe! That all being said, Julia developed this hyper-realistic cookie cacti garden specifically to train the JSA instructors. Because it uses a wide range of cookie construction techniques, from boxes and spheres to simpler cookie pops, this project lent itself well to a comprehensive overview of 3-D cookies. To learn more about the JSA series of classes, visit the “CLASSES & EVENTS” section of this site.