In case you missed today’s live competition Q&A on my Facebook page, the recording is below. First, thanks to all who attended and asked such great questions – and also to judge Laura Saporiti who lent interesting perspectives on both judging and competing! We covered a lot of ground. Even so, I encourage all entering to read (and re-read) the Competition Overview document (link below) before you start designing your competition pieces.

As a reminder, registration has been open since July 12! As noted in the Competition Overview, you must register and pay a nominal entry fee ($15 USD) before you can upload your entry. Even though entries aren’t due until October 15, 2021 (5 pm CDT), I encourage early registrations (i.e., starting now!) to help me get a read on the number of entries well in advance of judging. This information will be critical to planning the judging process. Again, for more info about the competition and to register, see the links below the video!.

I can’t wait to see you in the competition!