Hi, all. I wanted to alert all competitors to two clarifications made to the 2-D Cookie Definition over the last two days. These changes have been made to the main Competition Overview post and the 2-D Cookie Submission Requirements document as well. (You may want to download a new version of the latter.) They are not big deals; just things that should eliminate possible confusion due to unclear wording on my part.

These clarifications include:

1) Stacked diorama-style displays, where the cookies are laying flat and some are stacked on top of others, are best suited for the 2-D category. But, again, judges need to be able to see decoration on most of the cookies, so stacking should be kept to a minimum.

2) Sentence #3 of the 2-D Cookie Definition was changed to correct a typo. It now reads: “The entire entry must fit into a 3 x 3-foot (91 x 91-cm) space. The entry may be smaller than this area, but it cannot be any less than 1 x 1-foot (30 x 30-cm).” This means there are BOTH minimum and maximum size constraints for cookies entered in this category (whereas there is just a maximum size constraint for 3-D). Also, the constraint is on the “entry”, which is your COOKIE piece, not the photographed area.

Thanks! Again, if you have competition questions, please post them under the Competition Overview post, so I can answer there for everyone to see.