First and foremost, thanks to all who attended our first 2022 cookie competition live Q&A with judge Sandie Beltran (aka You Can Call Me Sweetie). You asked some terrific questions!

For those who could not attend, please check out the replay video below. We covered many topics, including what one gets out of competing, definitions of our cookie categories and skill level classifications, how one should prepare for the competition, and so much more!

If you’re considering competing this year, you’ll want to supplement this video with a thorough read of our Competition Overview, which includes all of this year’s rules and entry requirements. Reminder: Please do register early – like now  – to help us with the planning process; then use the next couple of months to develop your entries. Entries are due on September 15 (5 pm CDT), which should give you plenty of time to push your own personal boundaries!

Of course, if you have any lingering questions that this video didn’t answer, please ask away. But, unless you have a question that is personal in nature, please enter questions in the comments under the Competition Overview so that everyone can benefit from my answers! TIA. And best of luck if you choose to go on this exciting cookie journey with us!

P.S. For the competition registration link and many others, look below the video.