Hi, sweet friends! If you’ve landed here on the blog, you’re among the very first to see this new site! Hurrah! There’s no denying it’s been a long time coming, but I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

Migrating 12 years of content from my dated site to a much more powerful and complex platform proved to be a daunting task all by itself. But then that content needed freshening up with the two year’s worth of photos, product announcements, and other paraphernalia that I had never found time to post. And let’s not forget that a website isn’t just a storage device; its two most important tasks are delivering content in a way that’s most helpful to viewers and being the face and voice of its content creator. I’m not lying when I say it took countless hours of soul-searching, second-guessing, and reimagining to lock down the design of the site so that it delivers what’s most important to you and best conveys who I am and what I do.

Now, more than a year and a half after I started this project, I am beyond excited to say that it’s finally (well . . . mostly) done and to share it with you today! I still have some old content to reformat in the blog so don’t be surprised if some of the pre-2021 posts look a bit wacky. All in due time, however. What’s most important is getting my fresh, new content to you! With a shop, a blog, a gallery, a class calendar, and an expanding library of new tutorials, this site has a little cookie-something (and some non-cookie things) for everyone! Plus, it’s been organized in a way that should make what you most often inquire about – my classes, tutorials, and products – more accessible to you.

I welcome you to check out the following video where I unveil some of this site’s exciting features. And then, of course, please journey from this blog into all of the site’s other sweet nooks and crannies. Explore, explore, explore! Please also be sure to “unwrap” your special launch gift in my tutorial shopWith code LAUNCHGIFT, you will get 15% off any of the video tutorials or class recordings* there. With each tutorial purchase, you get forever-access to the video as well as an extensive handout with recipes, technique tips, inspiration photos, and sources. (*Note: This offer is good through September 5, 2022, but it only applies to video tutorials and class recordings, not to the live private mentoring sessions also offered in the tutorial shop. )

While I am launching with three tutorials, rest assured that my goal is to post many more in the future now that my site is (mostly) done. In fact, I am now starting production of four new tutorials related to my new stencils kits, the first of which should be launched around mid-September.

If you have any questions or feedback about this site, I am, of course, all ears, so don’t hesitate to leave comments below or to email me at any time! I hope you enjoy what you find here!