It’s been a rough two years, and from the looks of the economy and other geopolitical indicators right now, the road forward may be bumpy for a while. When times get rough, I try to pull myself up by the bootstraps by reflecting on the many wonderful things in my life (they’re always there, though sometimes I have to look harder) and taking note of the people I need to thank for those things. The simple act of expressing gratitude is always energizing for the one expressing and those receiving, and it usually injects optimism back into my way of thinking and being.

That being said, I want to say how grateful I have been for the support of my communities here, on Cookie Connection, and on social media throughout the pandemic (and, frankly, ever since launching these online spaces). Your generous sharing of cookie tips and techniques, constructive comments to fellow decorators, and always positive outlook are incredibly uplifting. I am also immensely thankful for all who have buoyed my stencil line over the last six years with your purchases, kind remarks, and glorious images of your own cookies made with my stencils. It gives me great joy to see my concepts and designs bringing joy to others.

I realize what I’ve just said is a rather deep prelude to a new stencil sale. But . . . the message on the Thanksgiving cookie below really struck a chord as I was making the banner – it reminded me that it had been too long since I last said “thank you” to all of you. So, “thank you”! Please receive this sale as a tiny token of my appreciation for the abundance of joy, learning, and inspiration you have brought me over time. I truly mean what I’ve said. ❤️

SHOP HERE with code GIVETHANKS15, starting at midnight ET on October 11, for 15% off all Thanksgiving cookie stencils on my partner’s site.

Note: As with all of the urls in all of my sales, this “SHOP HERE” url is an affiliate link, meaning I earn a small referral fee from any sales generated via it. I encourage you to use it, as referral fees allow me to continue to supply you with stencils, cutters, and also my brand-new kits! TIA!