Hi, competitors! As you know, we’re entering the last week of entry prep for Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™ (how exciting!), so I wanted to leave you with a few reminders to ensure that the entry process goes smoothly for you. Read on!

  • First and foremost, entries are due on October 15 (5 pm CT). Late entries will not be judged, so be prepared!
  • Entries must be submitted via databases on Cookie Connection.
  • You must register first on Eventbrite to get access to the entry databases. There is one database for each cookie category and skill level classification. Be sure to choose the database(s) that relate(s) to you and your entry.
  • Gather all submission materials in advance of uploading your entry, and give yourself plenty of time to upload. (We all know that internet connections can be unpredictable, so you won’t want to be caught short of time.)
  • Submission materials can be found in links at the end of the Competition Overview post and, of course, also in the entry databases.
  • When you are done uploading your entry into the appropriate Cookie Connection database, simply hit “Publish” at the end of the page. If you’ve entered all required materials, you’ll receive an automatic pop-up confirmation from the site that thanks you for your submission. If you missed something, the site will also prompt you to add it. The pop-up confirmation serves as your official (and only) confirmation, so be on the lookout for it at the top of the page.
  • Judging begins on October 19 and may take a month or more depending on the number of entries. Here’s what to expect as far as the timeline, though, again, please recognize that dates may change depending on the turnout: October 19: Judging begins; October 22-23: Participation certificates sent to all entrants (NEW THIS YEAR!); November 18: Finalists announced; November 30: Winners announced AND deadline to request feedback.
  • Again, to receive your scores with judges’ comments, please email me (sweetlife@juliausher.com) no later than November 30 to request this information. Feedback will only be delivered if requested. Requests for feedback will be processed starting on November 30 and will be done in the order requested. Please allow two weeks to receive your feedback.

If you have any questions about the process going forward, please leave them in the comments below or email me.

Once again, best of luck and, remember, this competition isn’t about whether you win or lose; it’s about learning as much as you can and having fun in the process. I am bubbling over with excitement to see what you all have created. I await your entries with bated breath!