I bet you just did a double take! But, nope, you weren’t mistaken. The 2021 virtual edition of Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™ just concluded and it’s already returning to its usual in-person format at That Takes the Cake (TTTC) Show on February 26/27, 2022 in Round Rock, Texas. I am super excited to see sponsors and competitors in the flesh! What’s more, the in-person format allows for bigger and better sponsorship benefits – not only online, but also in physical event programs, in video clips, and on the show floor!

Since we just put 2021 to bed a few weeks ago, my team and I are working on a hyper-accelerated sponsorship timetable this year. We are asking all interested sponsors to submit their donations and artwork no later than February 7, 2022 to help us stay on track! I thank you in advance for working at such a rapid clip with us! Unfortunately, COVID threw a wrench into last year’s competition timing, and we are essentially confronted with having to run two competitions back to back. That being said, 2021 was a banner year for the competition – breaking records in both participation and sponsorship – and with your help, I am sure we can do it again. There’s little more gratifying, in my opinion, than opening people’s eyes to the magic of cookie decorating by building skills and confidence through healthy competition. I suspect you all agree.

As always, all competition contributions will be directed to the support of Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™ at TTTC Show, either by subsidizing competition prizes for all cookie categories or other costs associated with running the competition, such as signage, printing, trophies, etc. Specific use of cash contributions will be at the competition organizers’ discretion. Please note that, while we love your products, only digital gift/service certificates and cash contributions will be accepted as usual, again in an attempt to keep administrative time and costs in check.

Like last year, two levels of sponsorship are being offered this year: Silver and Gold. The benefits of each level are detailed in the attached Sponsorship Offering document at the very end of this post. However, in 2022, we will be awarding 12 prizes, not 6 as in years past, along with the Kerry Vincent Best in Show Award. First-, second-, and third-place prizes will be awarded in both the  2-D and 3-D cookie categories as well as in Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced/Master skills classifications within these categories. In other words, three prizes will be awarded in each of the following four classifications/categories: (1) Beginner-Intermediate 2-D Cookie; (2) Beginner-Intermediate 3-D Cookie; (3) Advanced-Master 2-D Cookie; and (4) Advanced-Master 3-D Cookie.

I point out this change so that you can better gauge your overall contribution and apportion it across the increased number of winners as you’d like.

Thank you in advance for your support of this one-of-a-kind cookie event! I would be honored to have your help in advancing the state of the art of cookie decorating! Please let me know at any time if you have questions about this year’s competition or sponsorship offering by emailing me at sweetlife@juliausher.com.

And just imagine, your company name could be here  . . .