Yes, indeed! Love is in the air, people! I know, I know . . . some of us may still be feeling the effects of New Year’s bubbly, but we cookiers are already gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Proof: This sale, which is aimed at jumpstarting your decorating for this next big cookie-holiday. From January 3 through January 9 (midnight ET), get 20% off all Valentine’s Day stencils on my partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site using code LOVE20 at checkout. Pictured here are a couple of the designs possible with my last Valentine’s Day release, but there are scads of other stencil options on my partner’s site.

Note: As with all of the urls in all of my sales, the following “SHOP HERE” url is an affiliate link, meaning I earn a small referral fee from any sales generated via it. I encourage you to use it, as referral fees allow me to continue to supply you with stencils, cutters, and also my brand-new kits! Speaking of kits . . . This year’s Valentine’s Day kit release will be coming in the third week of January. The effects of holiday champagne seem to have gotten me a little behind – LOL!