I’m back with the fifth and (likely) final class installment in my JSA x JULIA series! What’s JSA x JULIA, you ask?! Good question! My past post from 2021 provides all of the details, but, in a nutshell, I have partnered with the world-renowned Japan Salonaise Association, aka JSA, to bring my signature 3-D cookie techniques and recipes to Asia. At the end of 2021, I taught the JSA trainers all I know about 3-D cookies, and they, in turn, went on to develop a series of five 3-D cookie courses featuring projects of their own design, which are available only in the Japanese language in a handful of Asian markets. My goal with this venture is to extend the understanding and love of 3-D cookies to more corners of the globe, and to earn a little money and acclaim in the process. 😉 So far, so good, thanks to the many of you who have registered for these courses since the initial one, a 3-D jewelry box, launched in January 2022.

This 3-D castle cookie project (yes, it’s all cookie and icing!) is the culmination of this series, and, as such, is geared to intermediate to advanced decorators. But, if you’re new to 3-D cookies, no worries! You can pick up with any earlier class in the JSA x JULIA series simply by clicking on the links at the very end of this post.

This particular project will teach you everything from how to make contoured and embossed cookies, like the “brick” castle components (first photo below), to how to pipe incredibly detailed royal icing transfers for the windows and doors (second photo). Of course, you’ll also learn various 3-D assembly and finishing techniques so that your final project will look just as polished and professional as the one shown above.

Embossed Castle Cookie Pieces | Project and Photo by JSA
Intricately Piped Royal Icing Transfers and More | Project and Photo by JSA

For more information about this course (in English), check out my listing in the CLASSES & EVENTS area of this site. And, to register either online or at JSA’s Japan headquarters, visit the first link below. Again, the course is only available to students in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Thailand, and, though the course is not taught by me, I closely supervised the project design and course content, and give them both my highest endorsement! Also, full disclosure: I earn a small royalty fee on purchases of this course and all other JULIA-endorsed JSA classes bought through the JSA site.

I hope you enjoy this course and the entirety of the five-course series. If you do, perhaps JSA and I will surprise you with a few more projects in the coming months! You’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂


NEW 3-D Castle Cookie (Part Five): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/23500/
3-D Cake Stand and Sweets (Part Four): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/22276/
3-D Pocket Watch Cookie (Part Three): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/21904/
3-D Hot Air Balloon Cookie (Part Two): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/21678/
3-D Jewelry Box Cookie (Part One): https://salone-ze.or.jp/jsa/21704/
The classes are held at various times and locations throughout the countries noted above. For the detailed JSA course schedule (for all parts in this series), please see their booking calendar here.