Here’s a slightly closer view of some very snowflake-y cookies made with Julia’s Peace Prettier Plaques™ release. This cookie is proof positive that these stencils can be used with both royal icing and airbrush coloring, and both on and off the cookie. Take the snowflake royal icing transfer at the upper right of the message as an example. It was made by spreading royal icing directly onto parchment paper through one of the large snowflake openings in the background stencil. Once set, the snowflake was removed from the paper, airbrushed with teal blue, and then attached to the cookie so that it hovered slightly above it. The rest of the design elements on the cookie were directly airbrushed on the icing. To learn more or to purchase, visit Julia’s stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site. For detailed instructions about how to use this set, see Julia’s YouTube video.