It’s hard to believe that Manu Pezzopane is already hosting Cookie Connection’s 54th decorating challenge (and the fourth in that site’s new Watch-Learn-Create series), but she is! In this challenge, Manu’s featured guest is Anna Oliinyk of Sunday Cookers. Anna is an award-winning cookie artist who earned first place and Best in Show in my 2022 and 2023 cookie art competitions. In her challenge kickoff video, she’ll be teaching how to make lifelike piped flower cookies (cornflowers from her native Ukraine, to be specific) and bouquets, similar to the ones shown here, and then challenging you to do the same.

For more Challenge #54 information – including Anna’s (free) video and the challenge rules, prizes (two this time!), and schedule – please visit the challenge launch post on Cookie Connection. Entries are due on July 23, 2023 (5 pm CDT), which gives you loads of time to make your own true-to-life cookie flower bouquet. And while you’re on the site, please peruse the rest of it and consider becoming a member (it’s free!). Just click the “JOIN NOW” button on the Cookie Connection home page and follow the prompts.

I know your creativity will blossom (pun intended!) when you step up to this challenge. I also confidently speak for Anna and Manu when I say the three of us can’t wait to see what you create!

UPDATE, July 23, 2023: This challenge has closed, but you can still learn from Anna’s challenge video by purchasing it in this site’s “Guest Series” section under “TUTORIALS”. You’ll also want to take in the beautiful blooms (aka entries) in the recap post on Cookie Connection!