Is the summer heat sapping your energy? If you’re anything like me, then probably so . . . but the good news is: I’ve got just the thing to reinvigorate you. I’m starting my annual Christmas in July sales a bit early this year! And here’s the first of at least a couple – hurrah! 

Starting on June 27 and running through July 11, I’m offering 20% off all online tutorials on this site, including those for all of the projects in the collage below, the snow globe cookie directly above, and many more!

Just shop the link below, which directs you to this site’s “TUTORIALS” section, and use code XMASJUL20 at checkout. All of my tutorials as well as those in my guest series (filmed by others for my Cookie Connection Watch-Learn-Create challenges) are up for grabs (see below). One exception: Manu Pezzopane’s stenciled royal icing transfer tutorial that is the subject of this month’s Cookie Connection challenge is already heavily discounted and not included in this sale. However, more good news: her hour-long tutorial can be purchased for the rock-bottom rate of $5 through August 4 simply by following the second link below.

GET MANU’S TUTORIAL. (Again, it’s just a mere $5!).

Please enjoy unwrapping these special holiday gifts!