In this third Watch-Learn-Create challenge (the 53rd challenge on Cookie Connection), our featured guest Laura Saporiti shares all of the tools, techniques, and tips needed to paint watercolor florals on fondant. Laura showcases her personal “watercolor veiling” technique by painting some lovely pansies in her demo. In her opinion, painting flowers is pretty forgiving, so they’re a great way to start a painting challenge!

Laura calls her method the “watercolor veiling” technique because she paints one thin layer (like a veil) on top of another layer in order to achieve a gradual layering of color. Laura’s method, which she developed over the years, is just one approach to painting on fondant. There are, of course, a lot of different ways to simulate a watercolor effect, but there’s no denying that Laura’s approach is extremely effective.

For more Challenge #53 information – including Laura’s kickoff video demonstration of her painting technique and the challenge rules, prize (another great one!), and schedule – check out the challenge launch post on Cookie Connection. Entries are due on April 8, 2023 (5 pm CDT), which gives you over two months to create a watercolor project. And while you’re on the site, please peruse the rest of it and consider becoming a member (it’s free!). Just click the “JOIN NOW” button on the Cookie Connection home page and follow the prompts.

UPDATE, April 15, 2023: This challenge has closed, but you can still learn from Laura’s challenge video by purchasing it in this site’s “Guest Series” section under “TUTORIALS”. You’ll also want to take in all of the marvelous entries in the recap post on Cookie Connection!