Hi, everyone! Today, I have a video designed for those who have purchased my new JULIA airbrush system or who are contemplating doing so. In previous JULIA airbrush videos, I focused on the airbrush (aka, the gun) itself. In this video, I turn to the JULIA compressor, the workhorse of the JULIA system in that it’s what supplies air to the airbrush. Among other things, I explain why it’s important to pair a dual-action gun, like the JULIA, with an on-demand compressor, like the one in my system. I also demonstrate how to control the air flow through a handy inline flow regulator located on the hose.

The Workhorse of the JULIA Airbrush System!
The Workhorse of the JULIA Airbrush System! Photo by Julia M. Usher
A Closer View
A Closer View Photo by Julia M. Usher

To purchase the JULIA airbrush system, visit: www.confectioncouturestencils.com.

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