This sale is a biggie, people! Not only does it last for two weeks, but it also encompasses every single one of my stencils designed since 2016! You’ll want to jump right on it (but, even if you can’t, no worries . . . as you’ve got plenty of time to come back and shop! 😀)

So what are the details? Here you go . . . From February 27 through March 12, purchase any two of my stencils (or stencil sets) on my partner Confection Couture Stencils’ site, and receive another at a 50% discount. And to make it super easy on you, no code is needed to unlock this sweet deal!

Remember, I have two series of layered stencil sets: Prettier Plaques™ and Dynamic Duos™. If you’re a beginner, my simpler Prettier Plaques™ sets (which include one beautiful background stencil and a single framed message to superimpose on top) are a good starting point. My Dynamic Duos™ sets work in much the same way with a unique masking/layering system, but each design contains more background elements and multiple message and frames, which means many more cookie possibilities from each set! Below you’ll see a sampling of some of my favorite designs in each series. Oh, and one more thing: the stencils in each set are also sold separately if you’re not quite ready to try your hand at stencil-layering! 😀

First, a sampling of my more recent Dynamic Duos™ series:

And, last, a sampling of my earlier Prettier Plaques™ series that first launched eight years ago (how time flies!):

Ready to browse? I hope so! Please check out my entire collection and  SHOP HERE. (Again, no code is needed.) Happy decorating!

NoteAs with all of the urls in all of my sales, the above “SHOP” url is an affiliate link, meaning I earn a small referral fee from any sales generated via it. I encourage you to use it, as referral fees help to keep me creating for you! TIA!