Originally designed in 2023 as a companion to Julia’s Halloween Tombstone kit, this Kitchen Club kit allows you to make a realistic graveyard fence using only cookies (for the posts) and stenciled royal icing transfers (for the wrought iron). What a perfectly spooky addition to an edible graveyard scene made with Julia’s Halloween Tombstone and/or Halloween Coffin and Skeleton kits (see second and third photos)! The tool kit (first photo) comes with three fence post cutters and Julia’s previously released Hallow’s Eve background stencil, from which the railing can be isolated. It is also available both with and without a companion instructional video. The kit price listed here excludes the video.

To become a member of Julia’s club, which will give you great savings on club releases and more, check out this listing or the link in the “YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE” area below. If you opt into the club (which you do by purchasing a kit on, Julia’s partner’s site), you can expect all of the benefits listed in “DETAILS” below as long as you continue purchasing kits.

If you’d rather get your feet wet by purchasing just one or two components of Julia’s kits, that’s fine too! The stencils and cutters are sold separately on Julia’s partner’s site, and Julia sells her videos separately in the “TUTORIALS” section of this site.

To purchase this kit, please visit Julia’s partner’s site via the “BUY PRODUCT” link above. Confection Couture Stencils handles all of the order fulfillment and shipping for Julia’s kits, stencils, and cookie cutters, so any such product questions should be directed to their service team at 888-879-7319 or


Club Membership:

  1. To opt into Julia’s Kitchen Club and become an active member, simply purchase any kit bundle offered at the time of each release. (Releases will come five times per year.) Purchasing a kit enrolls you in the club’s active member list and gives you all of the associated membership benefits listed directly below.
  2. As an active club member, you will automatically be notified of upcoming kit releases and be able to pre-order future kits at an exclusive discount prior to anyone else! If you decide to pass on a kit selection, you will still have a chance to buy future kits and rejoin the club, but you will not get the pre-order option or the exclusive pre-order discount until you rejoin.
  3. Active club members will also receive a 15% discount on any stencil or cookie cutter on Confection Couture Stencils’ site, not just Julia’s products.
  4. You will remain an active club member until you pass on a kit offering. At each release, it’s your choice as to whether you’d like to stay active or opt out.

Kit Pricing:

  1. Kit pricing will change from release to release, depending on the exact contents of the kit (and the kit bundle that you select), but typically it will be no less than $32.99.
  2. Please allow up to eight (8) business days for delivery within the United States, and longer for international shipping addresses. Again, please direct all shipping questions to or call 888-879-7319.

General Kit Features:

Though the exact kit contents and bundles will vary over time, you can always expect the following features from the stencils, cutters, and videos included in Julia’s kits.

Dynamic Duos™ Stencil Design or Other Curated Set of Stencils:

  • Each Dynamic Duos™ design contains two sets: one background set with design elements and another set with message and frame overlays (other curated sets may contain slightly different elements)
  • Layered stencils and a unique masking system that allow for myriad cookie designs from the same sets
  • Background design elements and messages/frames interchangeable across other Duos™ designs
  • Made with 10 mil food-grade Mylar (greater durability than standard acetate)
  • Individual stencils that work with both royal icing and airbrush colorings
  • Made in the USA

1+ Cookie Cutter(s):

  • Manufactured with the same state-of-the-art 3-D printing technology used in Julia’s partner Confection Couture Stencils’ DuraCut line
  • Precise cutting edge to assure clean cuts into cookie dough, fondant, and gumpaste
  • Rigid, reinforced sidewall construction that provides extreme durability
  • Hand-washable only, as excessive heat can damage the plastic
  • Made in the USA

1 (30-minute+) Instructional Video with Handout:

  • Lifetime viewing access
  • In-depth, world-class instruction by Julia
  • Invaluable decorating tips that apply to any cookie project, not just the kit’s project(s)
  • Julia’s recommended recipes and sources
  • Loads of inspiration images
  • Professionally produced video with high production value
  • Access to Julia for follow-up questions via email or her Superpeer private-mentoring platform


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