I just love it when sweets can double as party favors or décor. The effort I would normally apply to prepping a party’s menu and its accoutrements can be cut substantially if I can focus on one or the other, leaving me more time to spend with my guests, all while not shortchanging them of goodies they might have come to expect.

What do I mean by this? Glad you asked! Cookies made with my Thanksgiving Place Card Dynamic Duos™ two-set design, such as those shown throughout this post, are a great example. They’re pictured here, in a variety of sizes, performing their role as place cards. Yet they also add a lot of festive flair to my Thanksgiving table décor. Plus, guests can enjoy them immediately as a pre-dinner snack or later as dessert . . . or, if they’re reluctant to part with them so quickly, take them home as party favors to admire even longer. All in all, these sets are a pretty neat concept (if I do say so myself). What’s cooler is the interchangeability of their design elements, which means that no two place card cookies made with them need to look alike.

Long story short . . . to celebrate these sets’ coolness (insert smiley face!), I’m giving you a little incentive to try them if you haven’t already. From October 28 through 31, you can get 10% off both Thanksgiving Place Card Dynamic Duos sets by applying THANKSDUOS10 at checkout. Simply SHOP HERE, and enjoy!

Note: As with all of the urls in all of my sales, this “SHOP HERE” url is an affiliate link, meaning I earn a small referral fee from any sales generated via it. I encourage you to use it, as referral fees allow me to continue to supply you with stencils, cutters, and also my brand-new kits! TIA!