Lately I’ve been on a molded cookie kick! Did you notice?! I’ve been using these lovely textured cookies left and right on so many of my cookie projects that I thought it was high time to REALLY explain how I make them. In this video, I cover everything from types of molds to tinting the dough, to best methods for shaping/baking to ensure super sharp impressions.

Beautiful Cookies Without Icing, Simply Embossed!
Beautiful Cookies Without Icing, Simply Embossed! Photo by Julia M Usher

Heads up: I go into great depth here, but I’ve broken the video into a few key parts to allow you to skip to exactly where you’d like to go – if you’d like to skip around, that is! Each part is set off by a bright red/pink transition slide, at roughly these time stamps in the video:

  • 02:09 Types of Molds
  • 03:54 Types of Dough for Molding
  • 05:58 Adding Color (Pre-Baking)
  • 09:46 Methods of Molding/Baking (Part 1: Out-of-Mold Baking)
  • 14:54 Methods of Molding/Baking (Part 2: In-Mold Baking)
  • 18:04 Adding Color (Post-Baking)

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