Hi, entrants and soon-to-be entrants! Just a very quick, but very important update! Due to some unforeseen – but not serious – personal issues that will prevent me from overseeing the judging process at the original time, I have extended the competition due date by one month to October 15, 2022 (5 pm CDT).

The revised schedule can be found in the Competition Overview post (along with the theme, categories, and rules). I have also copied it here so there is no confusion:

  • May 30 (or sooner): Sponsor commitments and artwork were due, though late donations will be accepted.
  • June 15 (5 pm CDT): Competitor registration opened on Eventbrite (REGISTER ON EVENTBRITE; there is non-refundable $15 USD entry fee per entry to cover competition admin costs).
  • June 15 (or sooner) – September 15 October 15: Competitors prepare entries.
  • September 15 October 15 (5 pm CDT): Registration closes and all entry forms and submission materials must be uploaded to Cookie Connection. (Links to online entry forms will automatically be emailed to registrants, via Eventbrite, as soon as Eventbrite has processed your registration form/payment.)
  • September 15 October 15: Judging begins.
  • October 15 November 18 (subject to change, depending on number of entries): Finalists announced!
  • October 30 November 30 (subject to change, depending on number of entries): Winners announced!

What is 5 pm CDT in your part of the world? Use this time zone converter.

If you have already submitted an entry, feel free to use the extra time to fine-tune your existing entry (or not, if you so choose). If you do opt to fine-tune, simply resubmit the revised entry; the judges will only evaluate your most recent entry. Alternatively, go ahead and make a second entry! 

I apologize for any disruption this change in plans may create, but I’m pretty sure most everyone will be happy with a little more time to create! 🙂

Don’t forget: In addition to $19,000+ in prizes, our judges provide incredibly detailed feedback (if requested), so the learning in this competition is immense. Plus, we have a new beginner/intermediate classification, which makes it easier for those of all skill levels to participate. For more competition info, see the links below. The judges and I can’t wait to see what you create!