Today, I’m unveiling one of a few secret projects that I’ve been working on since COVID hit. The other two will remain under wraps until they are further along! (I know, I know . . . what a tease I am!) Here’s today’s grand reveal (along with a little background) . . .

About a month ago, I was invited to join Superpeer, a new online platform that facilitates live one-on-one coaching or mentoring calls. It immediately struck me as a good fit, as I’ve been desperately missing my in-person classes and connecting with my wonderful students. I also field many, many questions every day, yet oftentimes those questions require more than the couple-sentence answer that can be typed into Instagram or Facebook on the fly. This platform is terrific because it allows me to set aside dedicated time to explore topics in greater depth with you. Plus, it takes care of all of the scheduling and call setup without you or me having to do much other than click a link at the time of our call.

So, what can we do on these calls? I’m open to talking about everything from how to achieve the proper royal icing consistency to developing a successful brand, and just about every sweets-related topic in between. Side-by-side decorating sessions or just chatting and getting to know one another better are fair game too!

While you probably know me best for my cookies, what you may not know is that I have 25 years-plus experience in the food industry. Over that 25 years, I have written two award-winning cookbooks, published 13 ebooks, chaired the board of IACP (the world’s largest association of culinary professionals), run a brick-and-mortar bakery (for ten years), co-developed a documentary for Food Network, created a large and successful online following, developed two culinary product lines, and traveled the globe teaching cookie decorating. In 2013, I was awarded Cake Masters Magazine’s first-ever Cookier of the Year award; in 2014, I received the coveted Medal of Honor from OSSAS for my outstanding contributions to the sugar arts industry; and, in 2016, I was recognized as both Sugar Artist of the Year USA and International Sugar Artist of the Year by Edible Artists Global Awards.

All of this is my way of saying . . . I’ve been around the block a few times! (My gray hairs and wrinkles are certainly testament to that!) Sincerely, my greatest hope in joining Superpeer is that I can more directly share some part of my hard-earned and varied experience with you. And that this sharing helps you realize your baking and decorating dreams faster than you could have imagined!

The video below explains the Superpeer platform in more detail and specifically how you can set up a one-on-one video session with me. (Heads up, there is a nominal fee that varies with session length, but . . . I’m offering a SPECIAL 20% LAUNCH DISCOUNT FROM AUGUST 1 TO AUGUST 8, 2020! Just use the coupon code JULIACHAT at checkout!)

If you have any questions that this video does not answer, please check out my Superpeer page, or leave them below in the comments.

Some important housekeeping notes:
(1) As noted above, mini hands-on decorating sessions can be scheduled, but, if you want to go this route, I recommend choosing a 60-minute session and focusing on a single technique.
(2) When signing up for a session, please be as specific as possible when describing the topic you want me to address during our call. That way, I can be sure to bring my A-game to you by prepping in advance.

I look forward to chatting with and seeing you soon on Superpeer!