Today, I’m releasing one of the original videos in my 16-video decorating techniques DVD, which was discontinued last month. I’ll be migrating a select number (no more than half) of these videos to YouTube over time. My app (available for sale here) will remain the only place where you’ll be able to view all of the original videos as a set, so please check it out if you haven’t already.

Anyway, onto this video . . . it covers the basics of rubber-stamping on cookies, including everything from distinguishing beginner from advanced stamps to the merits of wood- versus acrylic-mounted stamps. Enjoy – and don’t forget to read the important notes about stamping on food in the video description.

Stamped Rose Over Flooded Color Inlay Photo by Julia M. Usher
Stamped Rose Cookies, Four Ways!
Stamped Rose Cookies, Four Ways! Photo by Julia M. Usher

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