No cookie project this week – instead I’ve got this technique video to add to your repertoire of decorating fundamentals! I often use royal icing roses on my cookie projects to add interest and dimension, and so I thought it was high time to give you my take on this classic decoration. There are probably as many ways to make royal icing roses as there are YouTube videos on the subject – so please bear in mind that what’s shown here is simply what’s worked best for me. If you’ve mastered another approach, that’s certainly fine too!

Sitting Solo on a Rose Nail
Sitting Solo on a Rose Nail Photo by Julia M Usher
Piped Roses in Process Photo by Julia M Usher
And In Situ on One of Julia’s Cookie Projects
And In Situ on One of Julia’s Cookie Projects Photo by Julia M Usher

In addition to showing you the basics of piping roses, I share four methods for adding color to them – two while piping, and two after the roses have completely dried.


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