When I’m not cookie or cake decorating, I like to keep it pretty simple in the kitchen – like with this easy, breezy summertime espresso granita (sort of an adult Snow Cone that’s icy and refreshing but not too sweet). Here, I layer the granita with mascarpone cream for added richness, but feel free to omit it if you want a dessert that’s completely fat-free.

A Cool Contrast of Crunchy and Creamy
A Cool Contrast of Crunchy and Creamy Photo by Julia M. Usher

To help you start innovating on your own, I also share lots of technique tips for both granita and sorbet in this video. You’ll learn how these two frozen desserts differ on two key dimensions (sugar concentration and freezing method), and how you can measure and control these variables to create desserts with exactly the sweetness and texture you crave!

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