Put everyone in high spirits with these whimsical Valentine’s Day cotton candy displays. In addition to the candy, two other parts are edible!

What you’ll need for 1 display:

  • Cylindrical glass vase (choose a size that best fits your overall tabletop display)
  • Gumballs (most easily found online) or other Valentine’s candy
  • Styrofoam disk (about 1-inch thick, with diameter larger than that of your vase)
  • 3 – 4 ounces cotton candy, ideally in a tub (exact quantity depends on your disk size; most easily found online)
  • Toothpicks or tidy pins (used for slip-covering)
  • A few iced gingerbread or sugar cookie cupids and hearts
On Cloud Nine
On Cloud Nine Photo by Steve Adams

To make:

1 | Fill the vase.
 Pour the gumballs or candy of your choice into the vase and set the disk on top. (It will be easiest to secure the cotton candy to the disk if it is elevated.)

2 | Make the cloud.
 Because cotton candy attracts moisture, it can wilt – and quickly under humid conditions. It’s therefore best to assemble your cloud a few hours before you plan to set your table. Simply secure large tufts of cotton candy to the styrofoam disk with toothpicks (or tidy pins). Handle the candy as little as possible to keep it from matting. (Note: While you can use cotton candy packed in bags, the cotton candy found in tubs is generally less matted and compressed from shipping.)

3| And for la pièce de résistance. Arrange a few decorated cupid and heart cookies atop! Remember to remove all toothpicks (or tidy pins) before serving! (I primarily use Royal Icing to decorate my cookies; see the recipe below.)

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