If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve had transfer-mania lately. My cookie perfume bottles had them; so did my cookies necklaces; and so will the cookie tiaras that I’ll share next week. So . . . what exactly are transfers and how does one make them? Glad you asked!

Gilded and Marbled “Turquoise” Transfers
Gilded and Marbled “Turquoise” Transfers Photo by Julia M. Usher

Royal icing transfers are small royal icing elements piped off-cookie and allowed to dry; once dry, they’re carefully lifted and secured to cookies usually with more royal icing. I most often use transfers to allow for more design flexibility. (Unlike wet icing, transfers can be moved around, allowing me to test different patterns before I ever stick the pieces down.) I also like to make transfers when I’ve got a particularly complicated shape to pipe that I’d prefer not to mess up directly on the cookie!

In this video, I talk about basic round and oval transfers, sharing tips for creating uniform shapes, minimizing breakage, and adding marbled and luster finishes. In a later video, I’ll talk about those more complicated shapes!

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