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Apr 30, 2016 7:07pm

Julia Usher baking in her home kitchen
Noshes and Notions

Climbing Cookies :: Photo by Steve Adams

A Cookie Coming-Out:
Cookies Debut as the Life of the Party!

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Not familiar with that sound? Well then, you’re as lucky as a kid in a candy shop, because most of us can recognize the sound of the cash register tallying up party damages from miles away.

There’s no denying: Throwing a party can burn a hole clear through your pocketbook by the time you add up the food and drink, not to mention the invitations, flowers, favors, and countless other party accoutrements. That’s why I’m always seeking ways for my party sweets, particularly cookies, to double as party décor. Cookies have a relatively long shelf life compared to cakes, so they’re ideal for dressing up and displaying beforehand, sampling throughout the party, and then handing out as keepsakes as guests leave.

Skeptical that a cookie can be eye candy, food, and favor all at the same time? Don’t be. Let me show you how I’ve taken cookies out of the box (and off their traditional plates) and made them the life of many a party . . .

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Cookie Cake Boxes :: Photo by Steve Adams

Bridal Shower Breakthrough

Turning a bridal shower into a cookie swap is a sure winner. Trust me; in my seven years as a bakery owner, I saw thousands of weddings! Everyone’s a sucker for cookies – including the bride. After months of restraint to fit her wedding dress, she’ll be yearning to indulge, if only for this brief time. And if cooking isn’t her forte, all the better. The sharing of recipes is sure to point her down a tastier path. (Caution: As fiercely progressive as you may be, never underestimate the connection between a well-fed husband and a happy home life!)

A simple cookie exchange is fine, particularly if your time is short. But, truly, just a little attention to a few details is all that’s needed to make your swap stand out. Here are three handy tips from my new book Cookie Swap to help get you started . . .

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3-D Cookie Cake :: Cookies and Photo by Julia M Usher

New 3-D Cookie Course:

As many of you know, 3-D cookies are kind of my thing, so - perhaps needless to say - I was super excited when I was invited by eduK, Brazil’s largest e-learning site, to teach a three-day course all about them. I received the invitation late last year, and have been designing and decorating the projects for this course for the better part of the last two months! I’m pleased to announce that they are nearly done, and I am just four days away from boarding a plane to Brazil where I will videotape the course.

The course will be live-streamed from 2 pm to 5 pm (São Paulo, Brazil time), July 27 - 29, for FREE; it will be re-run once again, for free, one hour after the first live-streaming is over. After both free viewing periods have concluded, the course will only be available for purchase. (Though if you sign-up for the paid course before the live-streaming is over, you can get it at a steep discount.)

The course will be taught in English and translated simultaneously into both Portuguese and Spanish, which means that almost anyone anywhere should be able to enjoy it.

During these three days, I will demonstrate six new 3-D cookie projects (see my preview video below), all tied together with the common thread of a wedding theme. I’ll also cover close to 20 decorating and assembly techniques!

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