Overview: Julia is absolutely thrilled to be returning to the International Cake Show Australia (ICSA), hosted by the Australian Cake Artists & Decorators Association (ACADA), in Brisbane, Australia. (Her trip there in 2022 was a blast!) In this first class in her series of three, you’ll take a deep dive into the magical world of dimensional mixed media cookies. While this project might look complex, it’s actually (mer)maid for beginner and intermediate decorators! (Oh, how Julia loves a good pun – LOL!) This one-day class covers a wide variety of techniques, handpicked by Julia not only because they work marvelously together in this mermaid design, but also because they form the foundation of a balanced cookie decorating repertoire. Whether you choose to replicate Julia’s underwater designs for your next cookie order or event or to apply these techniques to other mixed media sets, you and your cookies are sure to make a splash with what you learn in this class!

Skill Level: The class is comfortably paced so that all students, no matter their skill level, can follow along and master the techniques.

Prerequisites: No cookie decorating experience is needed, though it will surely be helpful.

What You’ll Learn (~13 Techniques):

  • Outlining and flooding
  • Molded cookies
  • Airbrushing (both precision-control and shading)
  • Stenciling
  • Rubber-stamping
  • Fondant appliqués
  • Dusting with compressed petal dusts
  • Isomalt “sea glass”
  • Piped royal icing transfers (“seaweed” and “sea anemone”)
  • Painted and over-piped royal icing transfers (“sea urchins”)
  • Sanding
  • Dimensional piecework assembly

What You’ll Take Home: 2 to 3 dimensional mermaid-themed cookies, similar to those depicted. Students are encouraged to mix and match the techniques covered in class to come up with unique style variations of their own. The design possibilities are nearly limitless!

Schedule and Other Notes: Class is expected to run from 8:00 am to approximately 4:00 pm. Please note that the finish time is estimated. The workshop may finish early or slightly later depending on students’ work progress. All cookies and tools will be supplied. Click on the “REGISTER NOW!” button for more information.

More Project Photos: