Overview: Take your cookie decorating to new heights – literally! In this 45-minute demo, part of That Takes the Cake Show’s special Cookie Track, Julia will design and decorate a dimensional mixed media cookie (or two), perfect for springtime weddings and other elegant events. Get ready to learn a wide range of techniques that lend texture and interest to cookies, including precision-control airbrushing, rubber-stamping, embossed and molded cookies, contoured and embossed royal icing transfers, royal icing shards, modeling chocolate ribbons and bows, and more.

Skill Level: All levels; again, this event is a demo – the more, the merrier!

Prerequisites: None.

What You’ll Learn (~12 Techniques):

  • Rubber-stamping on royal icing
  • Stenciling and airbrushing on royal icing
  • Precision-control airbrushing versus shading
  • Royal icing shards and transfers, both standard and contoured
  • Embossed royal icing
  • Embossed cookies
  • Molded cookies
  • Spraying and sponging with edible luster dust
  • Modeling chocolate ribbons and bows
  • Application of dimensional elements (ribbons, bows, and compound cookies, aka cookie-on-cookie)

Schedule and Other Notes: Julia’s demonstration time has not yet been determined, but, for now, suffice it to say it will be sometime during the Cookie Track series on Sunday, April 2. Julia will post her particular demo time as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, click on the “LEARN MORE” button to be taken to That Takes the Cake Show’s site for additional information about the Cookie Track. (Note that the pricing listed here includes all demos in the track.) While on the show’s site, be sure to check out their competitions (including Julia’s very own cookie art one) and the other classes conducted there.

More Project Photos:

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