Overview: Julia is thrilled to return to Spring Cookie-A-Thon as both a sponsor and an instructor. For those not in the know, Cookie-A-Thon is the world’s largest online cookie decorating event, spanning four days (March 14-17) and including over 50 video demos and 25 hours of instruction. In her 30-minute live session, Julia will don both sponsor and instructor hats, as she takes you on a quick tour of her new online tutorial library! She’ll cover the various types of video tutorials she provides, from her simplest ones related to her stencil products to her more elaborate 3-D cookie creations. She even has a guest section where members of the cookie community can teach their signature techniques and make some money in the process! Along the way, she’ll share tips for designing tutorial content, video production, pricing, marketing, and protecting your valuable video assets. Whether you’re interested in simply learning from her library, building your own, or becoming one of her featured guests, Julia hopes you’ll love this mini lesson in online learning. At the end of the session, Julia will fully sport her sponsor cap and offer incredible savings on her online tutorials to attendees with All-Access Passes.

Skill Level: Everyone who might want to buy or create online cookie decorating tutorials!

Prerequisites: Absolutely none.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to become a featured cookie artist in Julia’s online guest series
  • Pros (and cons) of offering online tutorials
  • How to know you’re ready to teach online
  • Best practices for prepping for video production
  • Pros and cons of video production/editing options
  • Pricing and marketing best practices
  • How to protect your videos and other class assets from online theft

Schedule and Other Notes: Julia’s session will air live on March 17, starting at 10:00 am CDT, though there are nearly 50 other presentations that are not to be missed. The live four-day event is free; however, with the purchase of an All-Access Pass, attendees get early viewing of demo materials, special perks from sponsors and instructors, and access to event recordings for the lifetime of Cookie-A-Thon.

To Register: Whether you want to attend for free or purchase an All-Access Pass, you must register for the event. To do so, visit the Cookie-A-Thon site under the “LEARN MORE” button.