Overview: After appearances at The Bake Fest in 2021 (the event’s debut) and again in 2022, Julia returns to the country’s largest virtual baking and decorating event in 2023! If you’ve ever had any hesitation about piping intricate details directly on cookies for fear of messing them up (and who hasn’t?), then this class is for you! In this two-hour hands-on session, Julia will show how to create a lifelike dogwood cookie made almost exclusively with royal icing transfers. Every stem, petal, leaf, and bud will be piped off the cookie and then later assembled on top, ensuring the ultimate design flexibility and a minimum of piping mishaps. Along the way, Julia will reinforce the fundamentals of proper royal icing consistency, as students work with everything from the very thickest “putty” for modeling buds to thinner flooding consistency for curved leaves and petals. Julia will also address the difference between standard and contoured royal icing transfers, how to add interest and depth through stenciling and airbrushing techniques, and best piecework practices for putting all of the delicate elements together. Note: Though Julia will demo every step of the project, students will need to let their transfers dry overnight before assembling their cookies.

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Skill Level: Advanced; however, Julia will tailor her pace and instruction so that even beginning and intermediate decorators can follow along.

Prerequisites: Some experience with royal icing is recommended.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Standard and contoured royal icing transfers
  • Precision-piping
  • Royal icing putty
  • Stenciling with an airbrush
  • Shading with an airbrush
  • Piecework assembly

Schedule and Other Notes: Julia’s class time is May 21, 4:30 pm – 6:25 pm CDT, but be sure to check out the other fabulous sessions on May 20 and earlier on May 21. And, remember, students must supply their own tools and cookies if they want to follow along with Julia. Julia will provide a detailed supply list in advance. Stay tuned!