Overview: Dimension and texture are the buzzwords in cookie decorating these days, and, for good reason. They lend so much interest and style to cookies! In this two-part hands-on class spanning two days, Julia will share her signature techniques for adding depth and dimension to cookie designs while students make two richly layered 2-D cookies and a mini version of Julia’s trademark 3-D heart box. On day one, students will outline and flood the cookies and make all of the royal icing and fondant embellishments that need to dry overnight. On day two, cookies will be decorated further with airbrushing, stenciling, stamping, and other techniques, and then assembled with day one’s embellishments into edible works of art! Along the way, students will gain experience in 14-plus decorating and assembly techniques, ranging from airbrushing and stenciling to precision-piping, modeling, and contouring of royal icing. (See sample project photos in the gallery below; note, however, that exact designs will vary with available tools and students’ imaginations!)

Skill Level: All skill levels, as Julia will go through each step in great detail so that even beginners can follow along.

Prerequisites: Some experience with royal icing will be helpful.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Outlining/flooding
  • Basic (flat) royal icing transfers
  • Embossed and contoured royal icing transfers
  • Royal icing shards
  • Royal icing putty, for modeling
  • Royal icing roses
  • Fondant appliqués
  • Molded cookies
  • Airbrushing/stenciling, both precision-control and shading
  • Rubber-stamping
  • Modeling chocolate ribbons and bows
  • Piecework 2-D assembly
  • Sandwiched 3-D assembly
  • Fondant/modeling chocolate wraps

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Project Photos: