Organized by host Manu Pezzopane, this 56th Cookie Connection Challenge (the sixth in the new-ish Watch-Learn-Create series) focuses on how to add elegance to simple cookies with finely piped ruffle borders. And its featured guest is none other than the master of finely piped details herself – Noriko Forster aka Cookie Crumbs by mintlemonade!

Known the world over for her meticulous piping and picture-perfect icing – not to mention her ultra-sophisticated color choices – Noriko started her cookie art journey in 2012 when she happened upon a cookie decorating book in a shop in her hometown of Tokyo, Japan. She was so intrigued that she decided she would cover a store-bought cake with cookies for her elder daughter’s birthday to make the cake extra special for her. She did just that, and the rest is history. By 2016, Noriko was teaching six cookie decorating classes per month, all while raising two girls and working as a book editor. Today, Noriko is arguably one of Japan’s finest cookie decorating instructors, having taught an estimated 1,000 students through her series of in-person, hands-on classes.

In her kickoff demo for this challenge, Noriko demonstrates three very unique ruffle borders that employ some unexpected pastry tips and a novel combination of both piping and brush embroidery techniques. At the conclusion of the demo, Noriko and challenge host Manu Pezzopane encourage viewers to create cookies of their own for Challenge #56 by replicating Noriko’s ruffle borders and by creating brand-new ones using Noriko’s approach. In addition to the learning that comes with this challenge, entrants have the opportunity to win one of two randomly drawn prizes: (1) free access to a past challenge video and (2) free access to Noriko’s digital workbook/course (English version) about embroidery-style piping.

For more information about how to enter this challenge, click on the “LEARN MORE” button, and you’ll be taken to the challenge launch post on Cookie Connection. If you don’t want to enter but want to watch Noriko’s video, that’s fine too! Simply click here, and you’ll be able to purchase the video for the nominal fee of $30. Alternatively, you can get the video for $5 through March 24, 2024 (5 pm CT) by clicking on the following image to join Cookie Connection. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to access a Cookie Connection members-only discount code (through this same image), which you can then apply to the video purchase.