Wow! This third challenge in Julia’s new Watch-Learn-Create series was a real gem! Hosted by Manu Pezzopane on Julia’s community-based site Cookie Connection, this challenge kicked off like every other with an instructional video by a noted cookie artist that was designed to inspire you to create a skill-stretching project of your own. In this case, the featured guest was award-winning pastry chef and sugar artist Laura Saporiti of Laura Saporiti Pastry and Cake Art. Laura has received numerous awards for her edible painting on various mediums, so there was no better instructor to guide this challenge about watercolor florals on fondant! In her two-hour video (yes, two info-packed hours!), Laura painted a gorgeous pansy, guiding viewers every step of the way through her layered “veiling” technique to allow them to achieve similar results.

The challenge opened on January 27, 2023, but didn’t close until April 8, giving everyone plenty of time to create! And create they did! To see all of the entries, check out the challenge recap on Cookie Connection. And to view Laura’s video, click on the “LEARN MORE” button, and you’ll be taken to the “TUTORIALS: Guest Series” section of this site where you can purchase it for a nominal fee.