Overview: Join Julia in Brisbane, Australia at the International Cake Show Australia (ICSA), hosted by the Australian Cake Artists & Decorators Association (ACADA)! In this final course in her three-class series at ICSA, Julia will guide students through the making of a gorgeous dimensional cookie set. Julia is a firm believer that 3-D cookies should look beautiful from every angle, as well as both inside and out. Featuring stunning heart box and dogwood cookies, this two-day master class is a clear testament to Julia’s design philosophy.

While cookiers sometimes shy away from 3-D cookies because of the fear or hassle of putting them together, Julia’s heart box is a breeze as it utilizes “sandwiching,” the simplest of 3-D construction techniques. This project isn’t only straightforward in its construction, it’s also incredibly versatile. Styled as shown here, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, bridal showers, or wedding anniversaries. But just change up the City of Love motif, and you’re sure to end up with an eye-catching project for another special occasion! The icing on this class’ metaphorical cake is an incredibly lifelike dogwood cookie. Comprised entirely of individually piped, shaped, and airbrushed royal icing transfers, it is a labor of love designed by Julia to hone piping skills and to expand the bounds of traditional royal icing use.

Skill Level: This class is suitable for all skill levels, as Julia will pace it so that anyone can follow along.

Prerequisites: No 3-D cookie decorating experience is necessary; however, some experience with royal icing and airbrushing is recommended.

What You’ll Learn (~17 Techniques):

  • Outlining and flooding
  • Airbrushing (both precision-control and shading)
  • Stenciling
  • Standard and contoured fondant appliqués
  • Precision-piping
  • Standard and contoured royal icing transfers
  • Dusting with compressed petal dusts
  • Royal icing roses
  • 3-D sandwiched assembly
  • Fondant and modeling chocolate wraps
  • Modeling chocolate ribbons and bows
  • Spraying
  • Basic piped borders
  • Dimensional piecework assembly

What You’ll Take Home: 1 (5-inch/13-cm) 3-D heart box with cookies on top and inside (a 7- to 8-cookie project) and 1 to 2 dimensional dogwood cookie(s), similar to those depicted. Students are encouraged to mix and match the techniques covered in class to come up with unique style variations of their own. The design possibilities are nearly limitless!

Schedule and Other Notes: Class is expected to run from 8:00 am to approximately 4:00 pm each day. Please note that the finish time is estimated. The workshop may finish early or slightly later depending on students’ work progress. All cookies and tools will be supplied. Click on the “REGISTER NOW!” button for more information.

More Project Photos: