Overview: Join Julia at SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo for a one-hour, info-filled demo about airbrush handling and triggering techniques, particularly as applied to multicolor, layered cookie stencil designs. She’ll reveal her tricks for getting into closely spaced areas with several colors, while minimizing overspray. She’ll also explore strategic color selection – specifically how to make overspray work to your advantage in beautifully blended designs. Along the way, she’ll complete two to three gorgeous cookies (see photos below) using her very own Dynamic Duos™ layered stencil designs.

Skill Level: Suitable for everyone, though airbrush enthusiasts will particularly enjoy.

Prerequisites: No cookie decorating or airbrushing experience is necessary.

What You’ll Learn (~5 Techniques):

  • Airbrush system 101 (handling dual- vs. single-action systems, triggering basics, airbrush cleaning, troubleshooting common issues such as speckled spray, intermittent spray, etc.)
  • Precision-control airbrushing
  • Layered stenciling
  • Airbrush shading
  • Color blending 101

Schedule and Other Notes: Though this one-hour demo takes place on the demo stage at the heart of SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, a nominal $20+ fee is required for admission. Visit their site or click the “REGISTER NOW!” button for event info; just be sure to scroll down to the appropriate day and time to find this demo.

More Project Photos: